Bin Laden’s son released by Iran to head al Qaeda in Lebanon

From the New York Post:

A son of Osama bin Laden has gone from Iran to Lebanon with the mission to organize terror attacks against Israel… Saad bin Laden, 27, one of the terror mastermind’s eldest sons, was released by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard last Friday, according to the German daily Die Welt.

“From the Lebanese border, he has the task of building Islamist terror cells and preparing them to fight with Hezbollah,” the paper said, quoting intelligence sources.

“Apparently, Tehran is counting on recruiting Lebanese refugees in Syria for the fight against Israel, using bin Laden’s help,” it added.

The young bin Laden was supposedly under house arrest in Iran…

In October 2003, Osama himself named Saad as the heir to his terror kingdom. In an audiotape meant to inspire the overthrow of Israel, the elder bin Laden said, “When that day comes, our son Saad will ride in triumph at the head of our great cause.”

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