Frequently Asked Questions

Are you from the liberal, evangelical or catholic tradition in the Anglican Church?
We pride ourselves on encompassing all major traditions within the Anglican Church as well as welcoming non-Anglicans. Our aims are restricted to those set out on this site and we do not promote any particular wing of the Church.

Do you align yourself with any political parties in Israel or elsewhere?
No, we are not aligned to any political party and in our coverage of issues we have generally avoided commenting on partisan politics.

Do you promote the idea of ‘replacement theology’?
Replacement theology is the idea that the Church has completely replaced Israel. We do not support this notion. In our aims we state that we seek to “recall the Church to G-d’s Covenant with the Jewish people and to call the Church to affirm the centrality of Israel to the Jewish faith.” We promote stronger fellowship between Christians and Jews and support for Israel in the face of the many attacks and libels it suffers.

Does your support for Israel mean that you reject the just claims of Palestinians?

No, we support a “just settlement” for all the peoples of the Holy Land. It is just that we don’t think the best interests of the Palestinian people are served by Hamas, terrorism, antisemitism and boycotts. We stand in fellowship with Palestinian Christians and Muslims who also oppose terrorism and boycotts. However, there cannot be a just settlement that excludes secure borders for Israel.

Do you support all Israeli government policy?
No, our role is not to support or oppose Israeli government policy. Our focus is on the Israeli people and nation, not particular aspects of policy.

Do you support interfaith work?
Yes, absolutely. Our concern is particularly with the relationship between Anglican Christians and Jews but we recognize the value of interfaith work being done by many different groups. Our hope is that interfaith work can go beyond mere platitudes to confront the deep-rooted tensions and conflicts that exist between many faith communities.

Are you a registered charity?
No, since we believe that it might limit our ability to speak out on political issues. However, we are a non-profit organization.

Who finances you?
We receive no funding other than small private donations from supporters. We have no access to government funds or any major funding program.

When was AFI established?
In September 2005.

I’m not an Anglican. Can I join AFI?
Although the focus of AFI is the Anglican Church, we welcome members of other Christian denominations and also non-Christians who share our aims and values.

How much does it cost to join AFI?
At present we do not charge for membership of AFI.

Does AFI have local or regional branches?
Yes, we are establishing AFI Chapters in many areas. Please contact us to find out whether your area has an AFI Chapter.

In which countries do you operate?
We welcome members from any country, especially those with a large Anglican presence.

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